Grower Direct Inoculated Alfalfa Seed

  • Planted, pollinated, produced and harvested on our family farm.
  • Very high germination rate, ultra low weed count, bright gold colour
  • Creeping plant, tap root, dormancy 2, winter hardiness 1
  • Good for hay, pasture and forage
  • 50 lb bags or 1,500 lb totes
  • Common # 1 (variety non-specific, A1 quality)
  • $2.20 / lb (inoculated)
  • Raw seed available if required
  • Delivery available to Western provinces, will be negotiated individually (before May is preferable)
  • Spec sheets available for all alfalfa seed
  • Ask us for promotional seed samples

Phone: 306-963-7888

For your convenience, we have the following payment options available:

  • E-transfer
  • Cheque
  •  Visa & M/C

We can provide references from satisfied seed customers.

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**Price will vary at retail locations**